Development and Research Organisation for Nature, Arts and Heritage is an interdisciplinary organisation consisting of highly motivated professionals from various fields who share a vision for a better quality of life - one that is sustainable environmently sensitive and draws on the contemporary without foregoing the strength of the Traditional...

Intricate Designing of the Jali by Abdul Mannan, Rajasthan
Revitilization of Ghat ki Guni, Rajasthan by DRONAH


Context : Built, Living and Natural, is an annual journal that records and evaluates documentation and conservation methods for built, living and natural heritage, also relating people's role in the process.

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  • Detailed Project Report for Revitalization of Walled City, Jaipur

    read more

  • Preparation of the Detailed Project Reports and project supervision for Maharaja Narsingh read more

  • Conservation of Main Shrine “Sri Harmandar Sahib”, Amritsar

  • School children took part in a Heritage Walk specially organised for them at Ghat Ki Guni, read more

  • A lecture demonstration on the intangible heritage of Chhau dance by artists from the Sudh read more